What guests are saying…


“My weekend with Marla was a period of turning back to the elements and obstructing trappings of one's life. As we concluded, some members felt a sense of personal healing, some felt a sense of emotional nourishment, and others felt a validation and peacefulness. I can't quite describe in words what I walked away with....unconditional love, energy and self assurance”

“Affordable, fun, amazing meals, house impeccably clean, superb women of all ages! Loved seeing younger women establish connections with older women! I just think a woman owes it to herself to escape her daily routine!”

“Thank you for creating escapes for us widowed and divorced gals as it’s difficult to travel alone! I’ve made new friendships and will be back as you’ve helped alleviate my broken heart, loneliness and my reluctance to actually plan a trip.”

“I had the BEST retreat this Year! Thank You! The girls this year really we’re great! Seeing past attendees from years ago made me feel like family coming together. Such comfort. These are really good for all of us!”

“Thank you for a beautiful weekend! You are so skilled and created such a beautiful setting for us to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. What a gift!”

“Thank you for a beautiful weekend! You are so skilled and created such a beautiful setting for us to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. What a gift!”

“It was a wonderful weekend! You assembled such a cool group of women (of course you would), so much depth there.”

“Thank You Fairy Godmother for that wonderful weekend. I feel so rejuvenated, your attention to detail made it so special”

“The healthy meals, paleo light desserts you made and Brent Steepe's class, the beach house, mattresses and sheets all superb!”

“The thoughtful words from you and others is having a noticeable and positive impact on me now, WOW!”



“Wasn’t that dinner UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! MMMMMMMM”

“It was an awesome and amazing trip!!!!”

“Food was Ab Fab!!!”

“You gals were the sweetest and I am thankful for meeting you all!!!”


“Your retreat was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Accommodations were quaint and perfect for our needs! Meals were well planned out-Perfect choices! Very cost effective!!!!!! Free time was adequate and enough, length was ideal, I would not change anything! Thanks”

”Charleston is my new favorite place! Impeccable planning, restaurants and loved our accommodations! Made so many new friends! Felt like a pajama party! I wouldn’t change a thing, well, LOVE to stay on escape longer than 3 Nights!”

”I appreciate the new friendships I made. All genuine and special ladies! Not to mention so flipping funny too. I am looking forward to a reunion at some point and plan on staying in touch with each and every one of you. Marla - you are amazing! Thank you over and over!”

“Ok, so first of all, I really need to inform all of you that I’m black. Not sure if you noticed. 😁Second, I had such an amazing time and wonderful experience with all of you. It’s even more special because it’s the end of black history month, and I was able to actually see a real piece of black history AND was able to share it with you. With South Carolina’s negative history, I never EVER felt uneasy or even thought any of you would look at me differently (some of us went to the Boone plantation and saw some really foul sh** from the past). I had so much freaking fun with you ladies. I’m so glad I changed my mind and decided to Beach Glass with you! So now as I, as Marla would say, re-enter my reality, my re-entry will now include all of you. My sisters. ❤️”