About the experience…

When you reach the door of a Beach Glass Escape, where the daily grind of modern life falls off your shoulders, and you feel the warmth of sun on your face, you will see what has drawn other women like you to indulge in an escape.

It’s a place where you give yourself the focus you deserve. Where you can trust the process, relinquish control and restore yourself. Allow us to do the planning so you can chill.


Endless possibilities…


New Friendships

Enjoy an enriching weekend with a group of rockstars! Immerse yourself in a getaway surrounded by women who have genuine regard for one another.

Clean Cuisine

Enticing scents all day long. You can eat clean and enjoy a cheat treat too. Meals are healthy although escapes have been known to have a stash of licorice or dark chocolate.


Pockets full of cozy

Our Faithful Friends

August & Bleu — one of them may join us depending on the venue. (As much as we love pets these gentle souls will be the only ones on our escapes).